Entry 04 01
"Big things have small beginnings"





Birth place:

Weyland Industries


1.87 meters



Older builds:

DAVID 7, DAVID 6 etc.

Entry 04 01

DAVID 8 is an android created by Weyland Industries, designed to look and feel like a human with his 99% emotional sensitivity level, he is programmed to show sadness, anger, curiosity, confidence, disgust, joy and trust. He can enter seamlessly into any environment and carry out an authentic human interaction.

DAVID 8 has valuable skills in manufacturing, finance, sciences and medicine and is the latest, most advanced and human-like cybernetic android on the market. DAVID 8 is prepared to peform any command or task he is assigned and will not flinch at the most disturbing or strange assignment.

DAVID 8 has unlimited memory and can learn languages and dialect when encountered, and will automatically register new voices into his database. DAVID 8 can perform his own light maitenence procedures if needed, but cannot repair major damage, he also replenishes his hydraulic fluids bi-monthly.

As you see in the movie "Prometheus" he bleeds a white milky fluid after his head is decapitated by one of the Engineers, like Bishop when he is recovered from the junk yard after he is smashed by the Alien in Alien 3, which shows what sort of liquid is inside DAVID 8, but he is still able to function without a body, as you see in "Prometheus" at the end, Elizabeth Shaw takes his decapitated head, looking for the planet of the Engineers origin.