The "first" alien we see at the end of Prometheus.

The plot to Paradise is currently unknown, but here's what we have gathered from the ending of Prometheus that may give us an idea of the storyline the potential sequel may expand upon;

Prometheus ends with Dr.Shaw and the android David setting off on one of the Engineer's ships, with the intention of locating the Engineer's homeworld. Shaw, assuming that the Engineers intended to eradicate the human species on Earth (it looks like extermination of the human species is their goal, but it is never made official), resolves to find out why. Where is their homeworld? Will we discover the true intentions of the Engineer's? Will we learn more about ourselves as well as more about the Engineer's?

The final scene in Prometheus ends with what looks strikingly like a Xenomorph from the Alien series erupting from the abdomen of an Engineer that had been impregnated by Shaw's aborted offspring that she had been impregnated with by an infected Charlie Holloway. The creature has been referred to as the Deacon by those associated with the film. Is this the beginning of the Xenomorph species?

First PosterEdit

No one is quite to sure whether the following image is a promotional poster or just a fan-made image but, the image has lerked around many websites and Facebook pages to gather enough attention. It's origin is unknown .

Paradise movie poster

but there are a few hints that this isn't the real deal.

  1. Allignment - The text is clearly not alligned.
  2. Cropping - the image is cropped weirdly.
  3. Font - the font is the same as Prometheus' font which is common in sequels.