Here you can have a look at current/previous staff.


Jerbuta (Current) - He is the co-founder of this Wikia. He is known for having the most contributions and dedication to this Wikia (information wise).

KeiranO (Current) - He is the co-founder and chat moderator of this Wikia. Unlike Jerbuta, he takes time into his work and has been known for making really great pages.

Pathaleon (Current) - He handles all the graphics that is held within this Wiki. Everything you see around this Wiki was designed by him, including; background, favicon, logo and much more.


All current administrators, looking to hire more.

Chat ModeratorsEdit

Need hiring

Rollback UsersEdit

Pure_Krogan (Current) - Hired due to his activity and effort on the Wiki. (Hired by Jerbuta on: 11th of July, 2012)